SANTANA panero

"Passionate about create and desing new experiences"



I worked on FallGuys UI polishing and keeping consistency across all menus,
 UI shaders, UI tweening animations, call to action tweens, victory/lose animations, in-game UI tweens and layout, readjustment of prefabs hierarchy, setup text localization using CMS and HTML tags for all languages and glyph icons for different versions (PC, PS4, and other platforms)

A SafeArea script was added to contain the elements inside the frame area,
to meet PS4 requirements.
The UI setup was complex, and it was reworked to have less nested prefabs, as they
were adding extra complexity over time (Unity)

Tweening animations included lots of different UI elements,
that usually were animated in groups, and then individual tweens for each.
The  entire UI is in motion and very responsive to player navigation.

Just Deal With It! mobile App
PS4 game where players need to use their smartphone to play cards in the TV.
As Lead Artist I had a key role defining the UX in the app for the different card games and art direction. Also we want to provide haptic feedback to the users as they move the cards, touch the chips or interact with the different power-ups effects
(break glass tapping the phone, blow in the microphone to remove the smoke, remove the jelly paint from the cards with the finger....)

Unstoppable Rex
Responsible for art direction, asset creation and working close with developers to quickly iterate and re-work the UI-UX few times over the whole development
(mostly when new features were added)

Art Direction & Hands on
Different assets and styles for games (mobile , TV, VR) and mobile apps
During my time at SuperPunk Games I was involved in the creating on Playstation VR strategy game, helping defining the UX and interactability of game elemetns