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SANTANA panero

"Passionate about create and desing new experiences"
Visual FX


Motion Graphics

Motion Graphics DemoReel
I was designing motion graphics for BTL and ATL marketing campaigns
( shopping malls , web ) to increase conversions or branding.
-3D max, Particle Flow, After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere-
one-man band job

Below, Christmas promotion shown in Madrid downtown in a massive LED screen
Maybe some day I will find time to update this section more :)


BTL Marketing

BTL marketing campaigns targeting specific groups to get direct response and conversions.
These campaigns were located in different main areas of Madrid
(main squares and shopping malls) 

Campaign creativity, art bibles and technical documentation were also provided, with an inventory of pieces, colour palette, size, patterns / textures, materials, lighting and movements indications,..
Supervision of outsourced work to meet the art quality required.
The models were 3D-printed to bring them to the real world (some animatronics can be +6 meters height)

Graphic Design/ Web Design

Working with different clients, building their brand and corporate identity, creating advertising, marketing and media communication

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