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SANTANA panero

Creative & Art Director
Islands of Insight
MMO Puzzle Adventure

I worked on this project as Art Director.

A MMO puzzle adventure game unique with surprising visuals with a fantasy realism look.

Briefing art bibles (environment, characters/cosmetics, items), art reviews and quality control, art instructions and budget, tech art implementation (shaders, materials, BP). Managing internal team and outsource studios reviews.
Wearing many hats, documentation and hands-on

Slide & Solve Puzzle

I worked on this project as Creative/Game Director, documenting GDD , documenting backlog tickets, prototyping new mechanics, level design and UX and Art Direction (concepting, hands-on asset creation when required)
I was wearing many hats, and help me to push myself and learn much more about game desing, producer work and game business as a whole, as I was representing the company in western game events and being in touch with publishers and service providers.


Edge Flip is conceived to bring something fresh in the mobile puzzle genre, following the success of Lara Croft Go, Monument Valley combined with of casual interaction of popular sliding games (Unblock Me,...), with a F2P business model strategy that includes character level up, inventory items, boss puzzle battles (rounds solving puzzle with a limited time or the boss will attack players), and live ops strategy that includes Single and Team Tournaments, weekly events, and so on...   

Edge Flip is a mysterious exploration through fantasy geometric-tile world.  Introducing unique mechanics challenging players with mysterious puzzles, hidden paths, slide & solve secrets and exciting Celtic gods puzzle-battles.


Inspired by Celt mythology,  Rubik's cube and motion graphics animations, each level is a unique, hand-crafted combination of puzzle, art and magic..

Edge Flip

Just Deal with It

Just Deal With It !
Just Deal With It is a family card game designed for Sony Europe . We use their PlayLink tech , where players can use their phones to play with PS4 games. Because the game is about cards, the art style is based on a origami handcrafted world,  made of paper , very tactile and related with the history of the cards. 
The mood of the game is casual and fun, joyful colors ,animations and VFX to enhance the card games and  funny crazy characters like Elvis, Death, Jester and The Queen of Cards.
I was responsible of Art Direction, and hands-on asset creation for character animations/models, VFX and UI animations.

Unstoppable Rex

Unstoppable Rex
Unstoppable Rex is a funny casual runner for mobile, where players need to run longer distance than their friends to win them.
The mood of the game is casual fun, light pastel colors and crazy fun animations . Getting some inspiration  from "The Jetsons" to give a 60's animation look and 2D Raymans for the crazy animations.
I was responsible of Art Direction, and hands-on asset creation for 2D animations, spritesheets, and some background assets.

Infinity Warriors

Infinity Warriors
Infinity Warriors is a action "hack and slash" for mobile, where players use the touch screen to tap and attack.
The game is set in a fantasy world ,  beautiful 2D environment with multiple scroll planes to give depth and magic spells full color. We use Dragon's Crown from Atlus as a distance visual reference.
I was responsible of Art Direction, hands-on asset creation for animations , characters, backgrounds and UI.
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