SANTANA panero


Animation & UI motion

Character Animation

  • 3D keyframed animation

  • Rig/Skin (3DMax, Maya)

  • Biped/C.A.T.

2D/UI Animation

Using Spine for Unity, I worked on

  • 2D character animation

  • 2D VFX and particles

  • UI pop-ups animation

  • UI icon animation 

In Gears of Steal I had a key role in Art production, working form early stages, developing concept art of the game (environment, character), as well as creating 2D assets and being involved in animation and VFX.

In "Unstoppable Rex" I set the Art Direction of the game (being inspired by "The Jetsons"). I wanted to give some 60's animation look on it.

I also worked creating assets for the game, mainly all the character sprite sheets , animations and VFX. All the animations were done in Unity (no plugins).

I also work on environment and UI assets and keep the production on budget and time supervising the team (5 people) and help where it was needed.

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