Curriculum Vitae

About me

Experience in mobile and AAA gaming studios, marketing agencies and product thinking to create a positive impact on consumers.

I have a very strong understanding and skillset in ALL the Art areas in games production, management skills and I can help to stablish art vision and art pipeline.


•           +6 years of experience as Lead Artist in AAA and mobile games , supervising all areas of production and hands-on assets creation.

•           Creative and Art Director in mobile studio. Set product vision, document style bibles, set art tech pipeline , supervise production.

•           5 years of experience as visual designer in marketing agency with campaigns budget of $6M/year from concept to execution 

•           Excellent skills in all areas of the Art production (2D/3D art, 2D/3D animation, rigging, UI/UX…)

•           Technical knowledge in shaders development, rigging and C# scripting. Working as technical artist in AAA games over the last years, helping in the art pipeline, art tools, UI/UX implementation, baking/lighting, colliders, optimization, VFX ,....