SANTANA panero

"Passionate about create and desing new experiences"
Tech Art

Tech Art

Tech Art

I worked on different Tech Art production pipeline areas:

Maya Rigs

3DMax Rigs (C.A.T/biped)

CG shaders (geom)

C# scripting
Art Tools

Tween animations/UI implementation


3D Assets Optimization

Light Probes, PBR materials, lightmaps and decals



Team Managment

During my career I was involved in different Manager and Product Owner positions:

Scrum / Kanban (Agile development) ScrumMaster

GDD documentation

Backlog documentation

Set tasks priority

Lean Development as a product thinking


Based on my experience managing teams, I would highlight some relevant aspects to maximize team efforts and deliver on time and quality.

  • Tasks have TIME requirements (MVP thinking)
    Deliver an illustration in 2 days, or in 5 days means you can afford different things, understand your budget limitations and workaround them to deliver the best.


  • Iterate
    Implement  it in the game ASAP, iterate after that. Could be you will find issues that were hidden before, or could be later that task is dropped. No need to do the masterpiece at first try.

  • Team Building
    ow as a team, reinforce each other. Communication and collaboration is key.

  • Respect
    Others people work, respect team. I would block anyone making changes to other artist previous work without explaining to the team. No matter if is better. Even more if is changing the original idea-concept. No personal ego allowed.


  • Career Development
    Reinforce people goals to deliver the maximum in their strengths and personal career growth. This will help individuals to unfold their full potential and help the team to increase performance.